Have the best {wedding} day



As a makeup artist with more than a few weddings under my (brush) belt, I’d love to share some of my best practices to looking your best on the biggest beauty day of your life! Brides spend months preparing and planning all the intricate details of their weddings, so why not take the same careful consideration into your beauty routine? Although most of my advice is geared towards wedding day glam, a lot of these can be considered basic tips and tricks for any occasion (even everyday).

  1. Hydrate – Inside and Out

Coffee and alcohol always make their way into the hotel rooms during “getting ready time”. I totally get it and will participate in copious amounts of coffee drinking during my time making beautiful faces because…..caffeine. With that said, you should be drinking as much water as you do coffee and alcohol. Your skin will thank you and so will the makeup when its applied over the plump, hydrated, and beautiful skin you know you have if you try.

Everyone wants to be tan and glowing and a sun goddess the day of their wedding and I’m all for a good J Lo glow (keep reading for those tips), but not at the expense of your skin. Hydrate properly with a treatment like Clarins Double Serum followed by a rich moisturizer. Embryolisse is one of my favorites for all skin types.

Takeaway: A Starbucks grande quad non fat latte also equals a grande ice water; venti if you feel like an overachiever. Also, moisturize all day every day.

2. Lips and Eyes need TLC

The delicate area around the eye area require rich, emollient formulas to moisturize effectively. The busy schedules and long days preceding the big day can contribute to dark circles or puffiness…or both. Taking the time to apply an eye cream daily, if not twice a day can ensure a coveted “bright eyed” look for all of your photos before and after makeup application. Cooling eye gel patches like Klorane Smoothing Patches are also great to help  alleviate tired under-eyes and act as a bonus shadow shield when applying eye makeup.

Don’t forget about lips! Dry brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush or buffing a small amount of sugar into lips can work wonders on chapped or dehydrated lips. Follow up with a moisturizing balm like The Lip Balm by LA MER or Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balm for a super luxe feel. Prepping beforehand will ensure that your bridal lip color lasts all day without settling into lines or caking around the corners.

Takeaway: Well rested eyes and Kylie Jenner lips can’t be cheated by your makeup artist without some help from you, the bride, before hand.

3. Look like a million bucks from head to toe

I think most brides would agree that pampering with a manicure & pedicure is a necessary routine before wedding. In addition to nails, step up your game with a boost of color by using a self tanning product (Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads are my fave!) and adding a bit of radiance with a luminous boosting body lotion or oil like Nars Monoi Body Glow.  You instantly feel more confident and toned; not to mention a white dress will look extra beautiful against a healthy glow.

I hope you find these little facets of bridal beauty to be helpful, even if you’re not planning a wedding! It really all comes down to staying hydrated and healthy. Makeup can work wonders, but taking some extra time for yourself beforehand helps ensure longevity of any makeup application.

Thanks for reading!






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