Photo Gallery



This page is dedicated to photos of makeup I’ve done recently for weddings and special occasions. Photo credits are located in captions to the talented photographers that own these pictures (please respect the work that they put into their images by not duplicating or copying without our permission).

All natural beauty provided by my beautiful clients 🙂

If you are a recent client of mine with additional photos from your event that you would like featured on this page, I’d love to hear from you! I try to access photos as soon as they become available from the photographer with their credit or watermark, but sometimes we lose touch. I truly believe that networking and spreading the creative love is an important part that I play as a vendor in the artist community. Weddings are all about who you know and I cannot begin to list the times I was referred to a bride by other vendors or was asked upon hiring who else I knew for hair, photography, videography, and even venues.

Please email me at with the image files and/or link to the photographer website so that I may request their permission to showcase here.